Declare Label


Advanced Architectural Products Awarded Declare Label

declare-label-imageAdvanced Architectural Products is proud to announce the GREENgirt™ System has completed the process of obtaining a Declare label. GREENgirt is the first insulated composite sub-framing component to earn a Declare label- placing the system at the forefront of the transparency movement within the continuous insulation (CI) arena.

In order to qualify for a Declare label, a building product must either be free of, or declare any harmful Red List chemicals and meet all Appropriate Sourcing Imperatives as determined by the ILFI. GREENgirt required no changes to its formulation or material components, because it was designed to be free of harmful ingredients.

Referred to as a ‘nutrition label’ for building products, Declare labels list all of the materials found in a given product, as well as its assembly site, life expectancy, and other key details to facilitate informed decisions toward positive human and environmental health. The Declare program aims to give people and businesses greater power when deciding what products to surround themselves with in their home or office.