What is SMARTci?
SMARTci is an innovative, complete insulation solution. Engineered as a continuous insulation system, SMARTci includes composite girt/attachment members (called GreenGirt), insulation, an engineered installation package, and optional accessories.
What is GreenGirt?
GreenGirt joins the building cladding and insulation to a building structure. It’s an insulated composite sub-framing component inside the SMARTci assembly.
Is it environmentally friendly?
Yes. SMARTci is a recyclable building life product that will help in LEED certification. It creates significant energy savings and reduced carbon emissions. GreenGirt uses naturally sourced bioresin and recycled glass materials.
Does SMARTci utilize proven technology?
Yes. SMARTci has been field-tested via finite element analysis with ASTM and UL agencies. All components and materials in the SMARTci system have been vigorously tested and proven in the construction industry.
Is SMARTci better than steel?
Yes. It is superior to steel structurally and thermally. GreenGirt is designed to provide the same loading capabilities of a Z girt of equivalent depth. Regular metal girts and through-fasteners create thermal bridging in the insulation system, but GreenGirt eliminates these. Furthermore GreenGirt is not susceptible to moisture, corrosion or electrochemical reactions.
How is SMARTci different from other CI systems?
  1. It has zero thermal short fasteners.
  2. It creates zero cold spots for condensation.
  3. It is a universal attachment system for various claddings.
  4. It can be used over multiple surfaces — not just stud walls.
  5. It has fewer parts than other systems, allowing for quick installation.
  6. See the differences here. (WhySMARTci?)
Can I use standard building cladding and still achieve superior thermal performance?
Yes. This level of thermal performance was once reserved for a select few products, but now you can use SMARTci on virtually any cladding you wish.
What are the benefits of using SMARTci?
SMARTci can save millions of dollars on heating and cooling costs, depending on the building’s size and location. The cost recovery period can be between 2 and 10 years, depending on the application.
Does it have fire testing?
Yes. GreenGirts have Class 1 fire ratings, UL94 V0 and ASTM E84 ratings.
Is SMARTci a package?
Yes. SMARTci a complete solution. It is shipped as a package, including Engineering (shop drawings, installation instructions, bill of materials), GreenGirts, GreenGirt inserts, and Insulation.

Other materials such as fasteners, Tyvek, insulation tape, sealants, etc. are available as needed. We have everything you need for a total continuous insulation solution.
What type of Insulation can be used with SMARTci?
Polyisoyanurate, polystyrene, mineral wool, fiberglass and spray foam.
What type of substrates can be used with SMARTci?
Stud walls, masonry, concrete, and roof decks.
Does it take longer to install than other solutions?
No. SMARTci installs faster than traditional methods. GreenGirt’s insulation retention cleat eliminates inefficient and costly methods of through-fastening.
Is it complicated?
No. The basic SMARTci system is very simple. It consists of two basic pieces: the girt and the insulation panel.
What kind of engineering support does SMARTci offer?
Every SMARTci package includes either an installation submittal package or custom configurations package. The installation submittal package includes basic layout, details and directions. The custom configurations package contains complete engineered drawings for elevation-specific layout and attachment connections.
Does SMARTci offer design assistance?
Yes. You can find details, specs, and contact info here.
How does SMARTci Continuous Insulation compare against the competition?
With other options such as the Dow™ Knight Wall System (CI-System™), Cascadia Clip®, Outsulation® by Dryvit (sometimes misspelled outsilation), and Centria's MetalWrap™, we are confident that the SMARTci™ Continuous Insulation System provides the greatest and most significant benefits to minimize thermal bridging for the exterior wall envelope. With a price point that is favorable to your budget, it makes the perfect choice for your continuous insulation needs.
SMARTci™ is a trademark of Advanced Architectural Products
Dow™ is a trademark of the Dow Chemical Company
CI-Sytem™ is a trademark of Knight Wall Systems
Cascadia Clip® is a registered trademark of Cascadia Windows Ltd.
Outsulation™ is a trademark of Dryvit Systems, Inc.
MetalWrap™ is a trademark of Centria