Overview of SMARTci
smartci quick look at continuous insulation system

Quick Look at the SMARTci System

Here’s a quick look at the SMARTci system of continuous insulation.

about continuous insulation

SMARTci System of Continuous Insulation

Dramatically reduce heating and cooling costs, reduce installation time, and build green with SMARTci!

terminating insulation panels

Introduction to the SMARTci System

Watch how quickly and easily a SmartCi continuous insulation system installs.

Installing SMARTci
how to install SMARTci continuous insulation

Installation Sequence

This video gives a good overview of the entire SMARTci installation process.

greengirt what is it - zgirt - Z-girt

Features of GreenGirt™

GreenGirt™: What is it? How is it used? What are its benefits? Beau Preston discusses the features of GreenGirt™ in this video.

how greengirt is oriented

GreenGirt™ Orientation

Which way is up? What side goes against the substrate? What side do you attach the cladding to? It’s easy, and we’ll show you in this video!

how to connect green girt

GreenGirt™ Connections

This video demonstrates how to join sections of GreenGirt™.

insulation options with smartci


In this video, Beau Preston discusses the variety of insulation options you have with the SMARTci continuous insulation system.

how smartci insulation panels are oriented

Panel Orientation

SMARTci insulation panels have custom curfs that only allow them to be installed correctly one way. We’ll show you how to orient your panels in this video.

installing insulation panels continuous insulation

Panel Installation

This video demonstrates how to install the insulation panels (polyiso) that are part of the SMARTci system.

cutting smartci insulation panels

Cutting Panels

How to cut insulation panels properly.

terminating insulation panels

Terminating Panels

This video shows you how to properly install a panel that has an end that does not connect to another panel.

installing smartci around windows and doors


How to install SMARTci around windows, doors, and other openings.

things to consider when installing smartci continuous insulation around windows and doors

Considerations Around Openings

Here are some things to keep in mind when installing SMARTci around windows, doors, and other openings.

how to build inside corners with SMARTci continuous insulation

Inside Corners

This video shows you how to build inside corners with the SMARTci system.

how to build outside corners with SMARTci continuous insulation

Outside Corners

How to build outside corners using our continuous insulation system.


Flush Base Considerations

Here’s a look at how the first row of the SMARTci system is attached to a flush base foundation.

cladding how its used with smartci


The SMARTci continuous insulation system allows for the use of virtually any type of cladding.