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Case Study: SMARTci Provides Continuous Insulation to Multi-Use Building in Kalamazoo

continuous insulation over metal studs

Use SMARTci Directly Over Studs

continuous insulation over cement bricks block

Use SMARTci Over ANY Substrate

continuous insulation with spray foam and smartci greengirt system

Use SMARTci with ANY insulation!

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Smarter by Design, Proven by Performance

SMARTci is a continuous insulation system that can dramatically reduce the cost to heat and cool a building, plus it meets ASHRAE 90.1-2013 and ASHRAE 160-2009 code. It can assist in LEED certification and utilizes green building technology, so it’s environmentally friendly too! The system is made up of thermally insulated sub-girts, insulation, universal cladding attachments and an engineered installation package. Simply put, SMARTci makes buildings smarter. Learn More >